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Sno-Man Kit

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Everything you need to build and decorate your first snowman of the season and express your artistic creativity! Take colouring fun outdoors for everyone to see on a beautiful winter's day. Sno-Markers are used to colour and decorate snow by mixing warm water with the Sno-Marker color packet (in a squeeze bottle). Shake, flip the cap, squeeze, and spray. Sno-Markers come with a twist off cap so you can use them more than once and a flip-up nozzle to prevent annoying leaks and spills. Rinse out the Sno-Marker bottle with warm water when finished. Includes 3 Sno-Marker bottles, 3 Sno-Marker colour packs, plastic top hat, plastic carrot nose, 6 red and 6 blue buttons. 20 pieces. Ages 5 and up.