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Small Movable Alphabet - Print

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The Small Movable Alphabet in print is a great way to learn spelling and grammar.  The set comes in a compartmentalized box with a lid, and each letter is printed on the bottom of its compartment. There are five of each consonant in red, and ten of each vowel in blue.  The letters are made of 5 mm thick plywood to make them easy to handle and to prevent warping.  Short letters like m, a and c measure about 3.5 cm tall, and tall letters like k, l and d are 5.5 cm.  

  • 5 of each consonant in red
  • 10 of each vowel in blue
  • 5 mm thick letters are easy to handle and won't warp
  • Storage box has letters printed in each compartment in alphabetical order
  • Storage box measures 37 cm x 33 cm (about 14.5" x 13")