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Matching Pairs - Children of the World - Set 32

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These 32 Beech wood discs contain heat-transfer printed images depicting children in traditional dress around the world. There are 16 matching pairs showing children from Scotland, South Korea, Central Europe, the Pacific Islands, Africa, the Middle East and more. Use them for memory development, as well as to encourage conversations about multiculturalism, community, diversity and inclusiveness. The discs come packaged in a drawstring bag. Each disk measures 1.9" in diameter and 0.1" thick. Constructed of smooth, warm Beech wood with polished edges and at 0.1" thick, these Children of the World disks are easy for small hands to grasp. They are silk screen printed on one side and coated to ensure the colored numbers last for years of use. All pieces are coated with a safe, water-based lacquer. There are 16 matching pairs with the different images printed on one side. Includes 32 disks (16 pairs). Size of each disk: 1.9" diameter and 0.1" thick. Packaged in a drawstring bag. Ages 2 and up.