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Global Village Kit

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From the translucent beauty of European stained glass to the richly woven colours of patterned papers, this kit celebrates the diverse cultures of our world. Each carefully selected project incorporates new and exciting ways to help children understand and appreciate multicultural art. Enough material for 24 children to create each project. Includes: stained glass paper (16 sheets), white paper (24 sheets), stained glass window bases (24 cut outs), blue peacock bases (24 cut outs), little shape beads (500), metallic paper (8 sheets), bright buttons (½ lb), dragon masks (24), Japanese doll bases (24), graphic flair paper (8 sheets), nature sponges (9), motifs of culture stickers (105), global village paper (48 sheets), African masks (24), coloured noodles (½ pound), sticky shapes (225), yarn, cut and fold paper (16 sheets), fish pinata fin stencil, double coloured paper (8 sheets), tissue scales (1000), dream catcher bases (24), shredded tissue (240 strips), and an idea guide. Ages 5 and up.