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Fun2Play Cube Baseboard

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The Fun2 Play Linking Cube Baseboard is a foam, 19.5" square with 9 pieces linking together. The board has a road map printed on one side and is blank on the reverse. It is compatible with 2cm linking cubes. A practical resource to provide children with a platfom for block play. Block play assists with improving fine and gross motor skills such as grasping, lifting, pushing and balancing, as well as improving their problem solving skills and spatial skills. The most common way to store blocks is in baskets or trays. If children have their own block play table (using the Fun2 Play Cube Baseboard and Fun2 Play Activity Tray), not only does the child have a classification concept of "the same item in the same area", a deep box design can also accommodate bricks of various sizes and will not scatter. Constructed of closed-cell foam, the Fun2 Play Cube Baseboard is sturdy to withstand classroom environments.Designed for use with Fun2 Play Tray. Foam baseboard is compatible with 2cm linking cubes, making this an ideal block play table with ample storage. 9 pieces join together to form a square with 19.7" sides.