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French Phonics Vowel Sounds For Beginner Readers

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Excellent resource to introduce and practice French vowels for beginner readers. All vowels sounds and their spellings. Supports early reading skills. Kit includes 46 sturdy, colourful, 6" x 6" illustrated cards with sound spelling, example word and image on one side, additional high frequency words on the reverse. All vowel sounds with common word examples. Memory Matching Game cards - two sets, 23 pairs in each set. Students match sounds and illustrations to words. Use for partner and small group activities. Comprehensive 50+ page teacher's Guide and reproducible activity book - additional activities to practice reading and writing of vowel sounds - such as songs, chants, and pencil paper activities, for reinforcement/evaluation. Accompanying CD - audio CD modelling the vowel sounds and example words of the cards, as well as the songs from the teacher's guide.