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Craft Box

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Unlock your imagination and let your creativity run wild! From felt squares and tissue paper to googly eyes and jewel stickers, this box is filled with everything you'll need to start your next crafting adventure. Discover your inner artist and create something beautiful—the possibilities are endless! Includes: 50 googly eyes, 200 pony beads, 20 large buttons in assorted shapes, 12 felt squares (4" x 4" each), 50 pom poms, 60 tissue paper squares (4" x 4" each), 60 coloured craft sticks, 4 plastic lacing cords (5 yd. each), 117 adhesive jewels, 5 craft floss (8.75 yd. each), 50 pipe cleaners, and 7 construction paper sheets (6" x 9" each). 600+ pieces. Ages 8 and up.