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Colors & Shapes Sensory Pad

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Fill the sensory pad with any choice of liquid (water, gel, shaving cream, glycerin, etc.). Then, children can use their fingers to guide the shapes through 1 of the activities shown on the 8 double-sided Activity Cards. The focus is on hand-eye coordination, tactile development, visual stimulation, strengthening fine motor skills, and sensory exploration. Includes 4 different shapes—circle, square, rectangle, and triangle, each in 6 different colors. Weight helps children calm down and reduces anxiety when placed on a child's lap. Storage pocket in the back holds all 8 double-sided Activity Cards and provides a flat surface for use anywhere. Valve makes it easy to fill and drain liquid. Includes: 1 Sensory Pad, 24 Plastic Shapes, 8 Double-Sided Activity Cards, and 1 Activity Guide.